Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Leo Moranz & Harry Axene

Today we celebrate Leo Moranz and Harry Axene, creators of the Tastee Freeze. While now known as a fast food restaurant, the Tastee Freeze started as a revolutionary new soft-serve pump and freezer.

The new soft-serve pump and freezer used the newest technology and far exceeded the other available options, allowing for a faster and higher quality product. Moranz and Axene also created a special nozzle to be used on Tastee Freeze ice cream, creating the five star point known today.

Moranz and Axene first allowed walk up stands to use the Tastee Freeze name in the 1950s in exchange for rent paid on the soft-serve pump needed to operate each freezer. Shortly after, they also franchised the company and saw Tastee Freeze expand from selling only ice cream to a whole menu of breakfast, lunch, and dinner fast food. In 2003, Tastee Freeze was acquired by Galardi Group Franchise & Leasing, owners of Wienerschnitzel hot dog restaurant.

Today we honor Moranz and Axene for their contribution to America's sweet tooth and for their work in improving soft serve ice cream everywhere.

Tastee Freeze Official Website
Wikipedia: Tastee Freeze


The Major456 said...

I am particularly interested in your first "Heroes of Capitalism" because Harry Axene was my great-uncle.

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