Monday, June 8, 2009

Dolly Parton

Today we honor Dolly Parton (born 1946) for her work on the musical 9 to 5. Though Ms. Parton might be best known for her famous physique, her adaptation of movie 9 to 5 to the Broadway show is why we honor her today. I personally saw the show over Memorial Day weekend and it is flat out a good time. Parton kept true to the movie while appropriately updating portions. I honestly forgot that I was watching a musically because the entire thing was simply captivating.

Parton was born in Tennessee, the forth of twelve children. She's been performing since she was a young child. There are recordings of her singing when she was nine years old! Of course, she went on to a huge career. Parton has won Grammys, an Oscar, and world known for her performances. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about her is that she has remained likable and relevant through a long career.

Though Parton has used her personal talent to create wealth in many ways, today we honor for her work on the musical 9 to 5. I am certain you will see her name on this blog again in the future!

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Here's a preview clip of 9 to 5:

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