Thursday, June 18, 2009

Clifford Ashley

Today we honor Clifford Ashley (1881-1947) for chronicling over 2,000 knots in his The Ashley Book of Knots, which contains over 7,000 illustrations and almost 4,000 entries. Ashley worked for 11 years on the book. It is still widely used by knot tyers, which is actually a pretty big contingent (see link below). He also invented the Ashley Stopper Knot.

There is not all that much information about Ashley himself, but type the name of his book into Google and page after page refers to it. It seems to be the ultimate reference book for knot tyers. I saw a clip on CBS' Sunday Morning (see link below), where his daughter speaks about him as having a huge board where he worked out knots so that he could illustrate them.

So, we honor Clifford Ashley for taking his personal passion and talent for knots and creating an all-around reference book that is still relevant today. I highly suggest you watch the clip I linked below if this interests you at all.

Ashley Book of Knots on Amazon
The Ashley Book of Knots on Wikipedia
Clifford Ashley on Wikipedia
The International Guild of Knot Tyers

Here's a link to the clip that inspired this post.

Here's a clip about how to tie an Ashley Stopper Knot:

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