Monday, May 4, 2009

Harvey and Bob Weinstein

Harvey and Bob Weinstein are the brother team that owns the Weinstein Company, one of the more successful production companies producing movies in Hollywood today. The brother became famous (and rich) after founding Miramax films. Under the Miramax umbrella, the Weinstein ran off a string of successes, starting with The Secret Policeman’s Other Ball in 1982, and included hits like sex, lies and videotape, The Crying Game, Shakespeare in Love and Pulp Fiction.

Miramax was purchased by Disney in 1993 and the Weinsteins stayed on to guide the division to successes like Clerks, Beautiful Girls and Rounders, but Disney’s control of what the studio could and couldn’t release (Disney refused to allow the Weinstein to release Fahrenheit 9/11, for example) led to the Weinstein’s departure, and the creation of a new studio, the Weinstein Company. Estimates of the studio’s value to Disney were as high as $1.5 billion at the time of the Weinstein’s departure. In the 4 years that the Weinstein Company has been doing business, they have produced over 40 films (and Project Runway, Ann!).

According to, Miramax is listed as the production company on over 200 films, though roughly 15-20 of those came after the Weinstein’s departure from Disney. Many of these films have been quite profitable for those involved. So for generating more than just a few entertaining moments in a movie theatre, the Weinstein Brothers are Heroes of Capitalism. Of course, being part of Hollywood and their strange value structure, I wonder exactly how proud they would be of this accomplishment.

There are more exciting clips, but not many that I could show and still keep this site "family friendly" (or even "safe for work").

Details on the Fahrenheit 9/11 issue

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