Friday, May 15, 2009

Gary Erickson

Today we honor Gary Erickson for founding Clif Bar Inc. Erickson started selling Clif Bars in his Emeryville, CA bakery when he did not like the energy bar options on the market. Erickson wrote that he and a friend were biking all day and simply could not eat another bite of energy bars. Thus, Erickson took his private property and started producing Clif Bars.

Erickson named Clif Bars after his father, Clifford. Later, he started Clif Bars Inc. Erickson also created Luna Bars, which are specifically aimed at women. Founded in 1992, Clif Bars caught onto the demand for organic products early. Clif Bars are vegan and 70% organic. Clif Bars Inc has a distinct food philosophy that many of its patrons recognize and appreciate.

So today we honor Gary Erickson for taking his private property and starting Clif Bars Inc. He's brought great wealth to energy bar eaters everywhere!

Thanks to the Dangerous Economist for the suggestion.

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Cyril Morong said...

Great choice:)

I think the bars taste good (though not great). But combine that with the nurtritional quality and convenience, you got a great product.