Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bob Hurley

Today we honor Bob Hurley for producing wealth with his private property: his talent. Hurley is famous for being the basketball coach at St. Anthony High School in Jersey City. While most people think of him as the coach that has won 23 state championships in 37 years of coaching, today we honor his personal investment in his players.

Hurley's program at St. Anthony has produced 5 first round NBA draft picks and has sent over 200 players to college on scholarships. While I could find little information about non-basketball professionals that Hurley's teams have produced, I suspect that many went on to have successful careers in other industries. Hurley's coaching has been called old-school, and he is known for instilling discipline in his players. They are expected to meet the highest standards on and off the court.

Perhaps the most amazing part of this story is that Hurley only makes $9,000 a year coaching. He works as a probation officer, but it is clear that his passion is coaching. Hurley is a prime example of a Hero of Capitalism. He used his talents to increase the wealth of his community. His personal reward is not typical, he is noted for turning down million dollar coaching contracts so he can continue to help young men to better lives. The wealth he created cannot be quantified in dollars, but it is real nonetheless. It is for Hurley's use of his personal talents to create wealth that we honor him as today's Hero of Capitalism.

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Check out Hurley giving coaching tips. I think you'll understand his coaching style if you watch this.

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