Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Patrick Meiering

Today we celebrate an entrepreneur who's product has succeeded in raising the standard of living - for our pets. Patrick Meiering's official title is "Head Bone Maker." He acquired this title after founding, in 1995, Zuke's - a company that manufactures and distributes "healthy treats for active [pets]."

As the story goes, Zuke's was founded "during a hike in the mountains of Durango, CO" when Patrick stopped for a break and a refreshing energy bar and his "tired chocolate lab named Zuke asked, 'Where's my energy bar?' He had a point," Patrick attests, "so we responded with an innovative line of super-healthy, pet-pleasing treats and edible chews." (see full story)

As a fellow pet lover - My girlfriend and I have two Labradors, Charlie (chocolate) and Ellie (black) - I fully appreciate Patrick's ambition to develop a product that promotes a healthy lifestyle for our greatest companions.

**This post was inspired by Ellie - today is her birthday, she's 8 (and loves the Hip Action treats).


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