Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Matt and Jessica Flannery

Today we honor Matt and Jessica Flannery for their wealth creating organization: Kiva. This husband and wife team found a way to connect micro-financiers with entrepreneurs. is a website where individuals can lend to entrepreneurs all over the world for small amounts of money that make a big difference.

Let me assure you, Kiva is no longer a small organization. According to Wikipidea, "As of December 18, 2008, Kiva has distributed $52,624,535 in loans from 383,042 lenders. A total of 75,681 loans have been funded. The average loan size is $443.16. According to Alexa, Kiva's website typically ranks well into the top 25,000 websites on the Internet." I especially appreciate Kiva's simplicity. An individual can choose from a list of businesses and loan all or part of the requested money. Kiva does a nice job of explaining micro-finance and explaining the risks to lenders.

They took their private property and created wealth. We honor Matt and Jessica Flannery for using their private property to create wealth all over the world. Their particular wealth goes far beyond material possessions. It comes in the form of empowerment, good feelings and capital accumulation.

A special thanks to "The Dangerous Economist" for the tip!

Kiva on Wikipedia

I had a little trouble finding written information about the Flannery's, so here is a youtube clip:

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