Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Joseph Rosefield

Today we honor Joseph Rosefield for creating non-separating peanut butter. Though Rosefield did not create peanut butter, he created peanut butter as we know it. Before his unique method of making peanut butter, the oil would separate from the peanut "grit." The trick was to use hydrogenated peanut oil. Also, this process meant that peanut butter lasted longer, sometimes for more than a year.

Rosefield's company, The Rosefield Packing Co., helped packed brands like Peter Pan and Skippy Peanut Butter. Some places even give Rosefield Packing Co. credit for the first wide mouth peanut butter jar.

It is for Rosefield's creation of modern peanut butter that we honor him today. He created wealth for himself, many companies and all peanut butter lovers in the world!

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Here is a video about how peanut butter is made:

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