Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ely and Jules Klapman

Today we honor Ely and Jules Klapman for their contributions to root beer lovers every where. Ely Klapman started a bottling company in 1937. This company went on to develop Dad's Root Beer. After Ely's retirement his son, Jules Klapman, took Dad's Root Beer from largely a Chicago known brand to a nationally recognized brand. Today the Dad's brand includes about nine different flavors. The brand is named for Ely's father, who brewed his own root beer at home.

Even for non-root beer lovers, Dad's has had a major impact on how we enjoy soda in general. According to the Dad's Root Beer website, Dad's was the first brand to adopt the six pack format we know today. Also, Dad's was the first to offer a half gallon option. In 1971, Jules Klapman sold the company to IC Industries. He stayed on as an executive until 1980.

Today the Dad's brand is owned by Hedinger Brands, LLC. It is because of Ely and Jules Klapman's pursuit of personal profit that we enjoy a great soda: Dad's Root Beer. We also enjoy market innovations (like 6 packs) as a result of the Klapmans' use of their private property.

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Did I inspsire you to drink some root beer? Why not make your own?

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