Thursday, February 12, 2009

David Strange

Today's hero of capitalism didn't invent a brand new product or start a successful business, but rather he acted as a middleman during a time of crisis.

When large portions of Kentucky lost power in an ice storm in January, David Strange bought 200 generators and headed to the hardest hit regions to sell these machines. Strange sold the generators for $50 to $100 above retail price. While some object to the mark up, Strange's customers call him a "Godsend" and his work allowed for people to remain in their homes during the blackout instead of needing to go to the hospital.

Transporting and selling the generators from the back of his truck, Strange would also stay and help set up the generators and poor in the gasoline for those customers who were unable.

Strange describes himself as "a hustler" but he is also a successful middleman. He was able to buy the generators cheaply, sold the products for a profit and still helped people become better off in the process.

Strange invested in capital and sold that capital to those who valued it more. He didn't create large amounts of money by his investments but he has certainly enriched the lives of his customers and has added wealth to his own life.

(HT Justin Ross at The Perfect Substitute

Sources: - The 'generator man'

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