Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Steve Smith

"And men, remember, if the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy." - Red Green (Steve Smith)

Today we honor Steve Smith (b 1945) as a Hero of Capitalism. Smith is most famous for starring in the television show,"The Red Green Show" which he also produced for 15 successful seasons.

Smith entered the entertainment industry in 1979 with his wife Morag when they created a sketch comedy series called "Smith & Smith". Smith wrote and produced all 195 episodes. It was in this series that the character Red Green was born. He also wrote and produced other series including "Me and Max" and "Comedy Mill".

In 1990, Smith made the Red Green character into his own show for CHCH. However, after two seasons CHCH cancelled the show due to budgetary reasons. Smith, believing in "The Red Green Show" bought all rights to the show, found a partner for the show and returned the show to production in 1994 at CHCH. Through his umbrella production company S & S Productions Smith bought airtime and had the show syndicated across the Canada.

Smith's small sketch comedy series/sitcom about a do-it-yourself, fishing, outdoors show with an obsession for duct tape was so popular that in 1997 that the show moved to the CBC. The show ran for 15 seasons, filming over 300 episodes all written and produced by Smith. Smith's show has over 100,000 plaid shirt waring, duct tape holding members in its fan club. The last show was aired in April 2006, attracting over one million viewers; more than 100 PBS stations in the United States aired the show.

Smith continues to work for his company, S & S Productions and is a member of the Order of Canada.

Anyone who has seen this show has been enriched by the gentle, optimistic idiots at the Possum Lodge. Smith created wealth through creating and producing a simple TV show about a handy man who believes any problem can be solved with duct tape and a short cut.

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