Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lionel Martin and Robert Bramford

Today we honor Lionel Martin (pictured right) and Robert Bramford for starting the company Aston Martin. In 1913 Martin and Bramford, car salesmen, came together to build better cars. Both men were into racing, and the name of the company comes from Martin's success at hill climbing in Aston Clinton. In 1915, the first Aston Martin was officially registered in London, England.

According to the Aston Martin website, Aston Martin, "has always stood for fine, civilized high performance sports cars, designed and produced by skilled craftsmen." The company started small, in 1937 Aston Martin produced 140 cars. Throughout the early 1900s, Martin and Bramford continued to build fine cars and race them. In 1947 David Brown bought Aston Martin. The company has continued to produce winning cars. See the time line below for some famous races won by Aston Martins. Today many of us think of Aston Martin as the car of James Bond.

Today Aston Martin is a global company. In 2007, the company was bought for $848M. Aston Martin is a global operation that has brought great wealth to many people. We honor Lionel Martin and Robert Bramford for taking their private property and creating wealth for many people.

Aston Martin Company Website
Aston Marin on Wikipedia

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