Thursday, January 8, 2009

James Maynard

James H. Maynard is the chairman of Golden Corral Corporation, a business that started as a struggling local family steakhouse that now boasts over 470 units in 41 states and over $1.5 billion in annual sales.

Maynard and his partner William Carl began in 1973 with one restaurant and a vision for their business. Within six years, having survived a Nixon-administration price freeze on beef and other challenges, the brand had 100 units. Following the franchise model, there are now both company-owned and franchised locations across America.

Always focused on quality food and smart business growth, Maynard helped lead the company through changes in consumer tastes—Golden Corral introduced salad bars alongside their buffets in the 1980s.

Most people might not immediately think of top quality when you say "budget steakhouse," but Maynard has kept the chain on track to stay competitive in a tough restaurant sector. The introduction of made-to-order sirloins and fresh bakeries in all locations kept the company ahead of its competitors. Maynard also helped keep employees dedicated to the company by introducing a manager-to-partner track for the most successful members of the company.

By creating a viable budget restaurant that focuses on quality food and adaptation to consumer tastes, James Maynard is today's hero of capitalism.

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