Monday, December 29, 2008

Truett Cathy

Today we honor Truett Cathy (born 1921) for making us all richer with his business acumen while running Chik-fil-A.

Cathy was born in Georgia and even at a young age started flexing his entrepreneurial muscles. His website says he started selling soda when he was 8 years old. After high school, he was drafted into the Army, but soon after went into business with his brother. Though his brother died shortly after their venture, he opened the Dwarf Grill in the 1940s. In 1964, Cathy officially started Chik-Fil-A Inc.

Let me be clear, Chil-Fil-A is a great place, but I honor Cathy's business practices. First, he brought the chicken sandwich to the fast food world. Second, he took restaurants inside malls! Third, he created a unique vision for his fast food restaurants which includes a positive culture ("my pleasure"), loyalty, and giving back to the community.

So, today we honor Truett Cathy for his business savvy that has made us all richer (and fuller).

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