Friday, December 26, 2008

Harry Wasylyk, Larry Hansen and Frank Plomp

Today we honor Harry Wasylyk, Larry Hansen and Frank Plomp for their perfect day-after-Christmas invention: the disposable green polyethylene garbage bag. This Canadian trio originally intended the bags to be used commercially, but Larry Hansen changed all that when he started marketing Glad Trash Bags.

I was hoping to beguile readers with fantastic statistics about garbage bag use but found no reliable facts. I DID find about a million different things that can be done with garbage bags. Rest assured, the wealth created by trash bags goes way beyond the money creation. Trash bags are used to store hazardous material and keep trash safely away from people. This is a large improvement over living side by side with waste or washing a trash bin weekly.

So today, as you stuff the Christmas aftermath into a trash bag, think of Harry Wasylyk, Larry Hansen and Frank Plomp and the wealth they created.

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Jessilumpkins~ said...

Harry Wasylyk was my Great Grandfather :) I'm glad to know more then just my family knows it wasn't just Glad who came up with the idea.

Maya Skippers said...

what are some interesting facts about your grandfather? I'm writing his obituary for my history class:)