Thursday, December 18, 2008

Chip Davis

Today we celebrate Chip Davis (born 1947) for his innovations in marketing and music. In the 1970s, Davis could not find a record label to release his particular style of music, so he created his own label, American Gramaphone. In 1975, Davis released his first record using the name which most of us know him: Mannheim Steamroller.

Born in rural Ohio, Davis starting composing at 6 years old. He pursued his musical education at the University of Michigan where his unique style started to emerge. When he started looking for labels and was rejected again and again. His reaction was, ""I don't care what you guys say. I'm going to do it" (from here). Davis has followed his personal vision throughout his career.

But be assured, Davis is no ordinary musician. After creating his own label, his innovations in marketing his music has led to great success. Though he is most famous for his Christmas music, Davis started a four seasons method of marketing. American Gramaphone now has a seasonal catalogs that sells everything from music to clothing. Also, he took his albums to grocery stores and other non-tradition music outlets, which was all part of his marketing plan.

Davis' innovations in marketing and music has built Mannheim Steamroller into a $40 million dollar company. We celebrate Chip Davis for using his personal property to create great wealth for many people.

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fusionsearcher said...

i can imagine when your are born in 1974 you can not find a recording studio :)

ann said...

Whoops, my typo! I fixed it!