Monday, November 10, 2008

Walt Disney

Today we honor Walt Disney (1901-1966) for his innovation in animation and theme park design. Alongside his brother, Roy Disney, Walt co-founded Walt Disney Production - known now as The Walt Disney Corporation - which became a world leader in motion picture production.

As a film producer, Disney created many now world-famous fictional characters, beginning with Mickey Mouse. Disney's productions later grew to include live-action film. Coupled with animation, Disney's productions landed the company numerous awards and nominations including: 59 Academy Award nominations, 26 Oscar Awards, and 7 Emmy Awards. The company continues to thrive today.

Disney's vision of "Disneyland" which began as a series of sketches in the 1940s eventually became reality in the decade to follow. Today Walt Disney theme parks - Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts - occupy grounds around the world - the United Stated, France, China, and Japan.

Walt Disney's self-interest incorporated providing entertainment to the masses. As a result of his pursuit of happiness and profit, we are all better off.


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Tenure said...

One of my favourite Walt Disney quotes is the one mentioned in that 'Last Lecture' of Randy Pausch.
A reporter asked him, "Mr Disney, how did you get Disneyland built in just a year?!"
"Well, my son, we worked every single day of that year".

Anonymous said...

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