Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Terry Anderson

Terry Anderson is an economist and an environmentalist. To a decent percentage of the population, those two things would seem to be in opposition. But not to Anderson. As Executive director of the Property and Environment Research Center (PERC), in Bozeman, MT, Anderson is bringing the lessons of the free market to the challenging world of environmentalism. The basic premise is simple – you don’t change people behaviors by preaching, you change people’s behavior by changing their incentives. If you can make behaviors that are favorable to the environment in the best interest of everyday people, you will make “being green” a natural part of people’s routines.

PERC’s mission is to research the various challenges facing the environment and to educate people about market based environmentalism and through this work to improve environmental quality using markets and property rights.

Anderson has authored and edited numerous books on free market environmentalism and has raised the public consciousness to this line of reasoning enough that he has even had the opportunity to advise George Bush early in Bush’s presidency.

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Grant said...

Mr. Anderson's philosophy sounds a lot like the pernicious, deceptive, contradictory, and very dangerous philosophy known as "libertarian paternalism."