Friday, November 14, 2008

Steve Ditko

Today we honor Steve Ditko (born November 2nd 1927) for his many contributions to the world of comics. His best known contributions were the co-creating Spiderman and Dr. Strange. Ditko contributed to numerous comics over the years. Sometimes he was just a penciler, sometimes he helped ink the comics, and sometimes he did both. His creativity abounded. Many people find his style to be unique and pleasing. His professional career started in 1953, and he still works today.

Ditko is noted for being particularly careful about the right to have creative control over his creations. It is noted on his official website that he took a lower salary at a smaller firm so that he could maintain control of his creations. During the 1960s, he subscribed Ayn Rand's ideas and considered himself to be a Libertarian politically.

Ditko is a Hero of Capitalism because he took his intellectual property to make us all richer. Personally, I am richer because of his contributions to Spiderman and Dr. Strange.

A compete list of Ditko's work
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