Monday, November 3, 2008

Pierre Omidyar

Pierre Omidyar (b. 1967) began eBay as a hobby, but in the end, he created the world's largest swap meet and second-hand store. With annual revenues over $7 billion (US$), eBay is one of the most successful and world-renowned Internet sites.

Omidyar began the site as a way of facilitating person-to-person auction transactions of collectible items. He started a site called Auctionweb. Within two years of launching the site, the newly-renamed eBay was facilitating over 800,000 auction sales per day. the eBay company has gone on to acquire other crucial Internet services such as and to add to the services it offers its close to 100 million registered users.

For creating and developing the technology where the world can buy and sell everything from Star Wars figures to cars to grilled cheese sandwiches with the image of the Virgin Mary on them, Pierre Omidyar is a hero of capitalism for expanding commerce beyond anyone's widlest imagination.

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