Thursday, November 20, 2008

Charles B. Clark

Today we honor Charles B. Clark (1844-1891) for putting his private property to work to eventually form Kimberly-Clark Inc. He was one of four original owners that put up $30,000 in 1872 to start a company that largely worked with papers goods. He is credited with having the initial idea for starting a paper company. Today, we know that company for producing amazing products like Kleenex Brand Tissues (yes, I have a cold right now).

Throughout Clark's short tenure at the company (he died at age 47, still a part of the company at the time of his death), he helped the firm grow from a few paper mills in Wisconsin to the number one paper producer in the Midwest.

Because of the contributions of Clark and his partners, today Kimberly-Clark is a worldwide company that employs over 55,000 people and had sales of over $18B in 2007. It is well known for its brands like Kleenex Tissues, Kotex, Cottenelle and Huggies. This company has a long history that is really interesting. Check out the company website below for an interactive history of the company that includes pictures and interesting facts about the men who helped make it into a great worldwide company.

We honor Charles B. Clark for using his private capital and intellectual property to help form the Kimberly Clark Company.

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