Friday, October 3, 2008

Stan Lee

Today we honor Stan Lee for his creation of Spiderman.

Stan Lee is a very personal Hero of Capitalism for me because he has brought much joy and wealth to my life. Specifically, his creation of Spiderman has brought lots of joy to me (and millions of others I might add). Not only did Stan Lee's Spiderman breath life into the struggling Marvel Comics, but he helped make comics culturally relevant and enduring. Today his listing on is long and varied. Spiderman the comic went from being a secondary comic book character to a major feature film. The Spiderman movie was nominated for two Academy Awards and was the 33rd highest grossing US film of all time (in real dollars).

Stan Lee has gone on to protect his intellectual property by taking Marvel Comics to court and being continually vigilant in the battle for his artistic rights. Stan Lee's contribution to the world through the development of his own private property is why we honor him today.

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Kevin said...

To credit Stan Lee with creating Spider-Man, without mentioning Steve Ditko, is obscene. Stan was a brilliant co-creator, and the work he did in league with artists like Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko is amazing, but on his own he's never really created anything.

ann said...


I'd plan to honor Steve Ditko by himself. You're right, I should have at least mentioned it! The next Friday I post will be Ditko's turn!

Thanks for your comment.