Thursday, September 11, 2008

Peter Goldmark

Today we honor Peter Goldmark (1906-1977) for his accomplishments in T.V. and recording technology.

Born in Hungary, Goldmark immigrated to America following the completion of his doctorate at the University of Vienna. As an engineer, Goldmark landed his first position in the U.S. at CBS Laboratories in New York, NY. Though he is responsible for developing the first color television technology, Goldmark is best known for his contribution to the music industry.

In 1948 Goldmark introduced the public to the long-playing (LP) record - otherwise known as the 33-1/3 vinyl. The LP made it possible to store up to 40 minutes of music and produced a better quality sound than anything prior. The LP "revolution"ized the music industry - so to speak - as Goldmark's invention hit the scene at the onset of - and largely aided - the "Rock n Roll" explosion. The LP proved an easier means of listening to, recording and marketing music of the day. As a result Goldmark's LP quickly became and remained the music industry's standard well into the 1980s.
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