Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Nikola Tesla

Last week I lost the benefits of Nikola Tesla's invention for four long days and so would like to honor Tesla (1856-1943), the father of alternating current (AC) electricity.

Born in Croatia, Tesla immigrated to the US in 1884 working as a physicist. Tesla worked briefly with Thomas Edison at Edison Machine Works, but left shortly after to pursue his own inventions.

Tesla designed a system of generating and transmitting alternating current (AC) electricity, effectively replacing direct current (DC) electricity as a way to supply electricity to homes and businesses. In 1888, George Westinghouse bought the patent rights to Tesla's invention.
AC electricity lessened the amount of heat used in electricity and was more efficient. AC is still the form of electricity used today to transport electricity to homes and businesses.

During his life, Tesla had over 700 inventions and 100 patents. Tesla, thank you for your invention, I hope I don't lose access to it again anytime soon. I am certainly richer and happier for AC electricity.

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