Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Arnold Orville Beckman

Today we honor Arnold Orville Beckman (1900-2004) for founding Beckman Instruments (now Beckman-Coulter), a producer of scientific measuring instruments.

Arnold Beckman was a chemist who had a knack for finding better ways to measure. He is especially noted for his "acidmeter," which allowed precise measurement of PH levels. He is remembered for many inventions, but today we honor him for turning his consulting business into Beckman Instruments. Beckman Instruments started in 1950 after buying out another company. At that time, it employed about 450 people. In 2004, Beckman Coulter employed more than 10,000 people and raised revenues of $2.4 Billion.

Beckman's pursuit of personal profit led to a company that makes us all richer. Every time one of us has medical lab work done, chances are Beckman contributed to making that test better. His legacy at Beckman Coulter continues to improve the biomedical testing and diagnostic industry.

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