Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ann Zerkle

Ann Zerkle is a graduate student at Clemson University. She is working towards her PhD in Economics with fields in Public Economics and Labor Economics. Her current research is focuses on how government interaction affects everyday life.


Atlas Fan said...

Ann--found you via Noodlefood. Like your site a lot.

cherring109 said...

I have killer IP. I can make you lot's of money. Would you like to hear my pitch. You'll love this. I know us objectivists love money right.

cherring109 said...

Email me. cherring109@sprint.blackberry.net

cherring109 said...

I am very sorry to hear that H. of Cap. is going kaput. What about a series of coffee table style books based on Heroes of Capitalism?

I bet you could find someone who could do it. Not me, I wish!!!! }:(

Then maybe you could contract with the Ayn Rand Bookstore to sell the finnished product then somebody could keep the blog going?

Ah, just a thought!!! I for one would love to see it, I would buy a copy in a heart beat!